Cucumbers: Beit Alpha Hybrid #382

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Net Wt. 2g (Approx. 65 to 75 seeds)

A HYBRID, burpless, Beit Alpha-type cucumber that is gynoecious, producing only female blossoms. It sets fruit in good quantities without pollination, making it ideal for greenhouse production. An exceptionally fine cucumber used for either pickling or slicing. Its smooth skin is non-bitter. Flesh is crisp and burpless. Fruit can be picked at any stage up to 7". For slicing into salads, fruit should be picked at 5" to 7" for best texture and flavor. The slender fruits have soft, smaller seeds than American varieties, a plus for pickling. When pickled the flesh is not as crisp as the American varieties, but has an excellent mild flavor with no bitterness. The processed pickles keep very well. This very early variety is a full week ahead of American-type slicers. A pollinator variety has not been added to the seed but will produce fruits without pollenation in a greenhouse. When this variety is planted outdoors it is recommended that Morden Early be planted as a pollinator to produce male blossoms which will improve production. This variety will produce well in an unheated greenhouse that is cool, in the upper 40s and 50s at night.