Squash, Zucchini: Storr's Green Hybrid #303

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Net Wt. 3g (Aprox. 18 to 20 seeds)

A very early hybrid that is perfect for Alaska's cool summer weather. A variety that prolifically produces long, cylindrical, 7 to 8 inch fruits that have blunt ends, are medium green in color with light green flecking and tapered at the stem end. A single stemmed, open bush variety that has dark green foliage and is easy to harvest. A flavorful, proven variety that is very popular in the cool areas of northern Europe and has been recommended as a first early variety in Alaska for many years. In Alaska, garden soils are too cold at planting time for squash seed to germinate so the seed MUST be germinated indoors in plastic pots then the seedlings are transplanted to the garden. Midseason.