Annual: Canary Bird Vine #157

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Net Wt 1.5g (approx. 15 to 17 seeds)

This vigorous, showy vine is easy to grow and produces a profusion of beautiful, bright 1" flowers, throughout summer until frost. Alaska's best flower when a vine is desired. A member of the Nasturtium family so it grows well where ever Nasturtiums grow. The bright, yellow fringed flowers appear from a distance to be miniature canary birds ready for flight. A graceful vine has attractive, dark green, finely cut foliage that is very dense, making the vines useful for covering arbors, trellises, porches and tree stumps. Also attractive in patio pots and hanging baskets. Plants prefer a well-drained soil and will grow in partial shade. Caution: Care must be taken to avoid root injury when started as transplants.