Peas, Edible Pod

Growing Tips: Peas, Edible Pod

Quick Reference:

Plant seed 1/4 inch deep spaced 2 to 3 inches apart. Germination: 7 to 15 days. Plant pea seed in two rows side by side, 6 inches apart so plants will twine and help support each other. Plant Height: 24 to 30 inches.

When and where to plant:

Edible pod peas mature pods earlier than shelled peas and will mature in the cooler areas of Alaska where the shelled varieties are marginal. Pea pods grown during Alaska's long summer days have a higher sugar content therefore are sweeter than those grown elsewhere. Plant peas as soon as the ground can be prepared and has warmed in the spring. The young plants tolerate considerable cold, even a light frost, so an early planting is seldom harmed by cold weather. Choose an area in full sun, cultivate soil, apply plant food and lay out two parallel rows six inches apart. Soak seed in warm water for 24 hours immediately before planting, NO LONGER. Plant seed shallow to take advantage of the sun's warmth, firm soil over seed and keep soil moist until seedlings emerge.


Short varieties do not require staking but grow best when planted in double rows, 6 inches apart so the plants can inter-twine for support. Water plants by soaking the soil not the foliage to reduce the danger of disease.


Pick as soon as the pods are good sized and before the peas inside begin to swell. Hold vines when picking pods to avoid tearing them.