Broccoli, Chinese: Green Lance Hybrid #151

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Net Wt. 450 mg: (approx. 90 to 100 seeds)

NEW in 2013 A broccoli variety that goes by a number of names in the Asian vegetable community: Chinese Broccoli, Chinese Kale and Kailaan. This variety is an hybrid grown for its nutritious, tender, succulent stalks and leaves. The fast growing plant sends up tender 8" shoots topped with small loose florettes. Once the main stalk is cut, the plant develops many secondary shoots to provide broccoli over a long season. It is a versatile vegetable with a flavor similar to broccoli that is excellent steamed or used in stir fries. It is cold tolerant and very early, producing the first harvest in about six weeks from transplant, thrives in a wide range of climates and can be direct seeded in late spring in most areas of Alaska. When started as a transplant, this variety will produce a crop in areas of Alaska where maturing broccoli can be difficult.