Annual: Snapdragon: Tall Maximia Mixed Colors #308

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Net Wt. 150 mg (Approx. 990 to 1020 seeds) 
Snapdragons grow best in cool climates and bloom all summer in Alaska. This variety bucks the trend towards small dwarf varieties. A variety that produces superb cut flowers but tall 2-3’ spikes must be supported in the garden. Described as having incredible combinations of colors, shades of red, white, yellow and pink, cut flower enthusiasts rejoice when these "snaps" come into bloom. They are a perennial grown as an annual in cold climates and can be planted in early spring as soon as the ground can be worked and has warmed in the spring. They prefer full sun and well drained soil with a PH near neutral. Cutting back spent flower stalks will tend to encourage continued blooming.