BIG PAK: Shell Pea: Freezonian #94

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Net Wt. 1.25 oz (Approx. 190 to 200 seeds) 
All American Selections Winner, 1948 An early, open pollinated, main season, freezing variety that produces heavy yields of 3 to 3½ inch, dark green pods, maturing 7 to 8 medium large, tender peas each, over a very long season when the pods are kept picked and the weather remains cool. This variety was bred to produce sweeter peas and naturally has a higher sugar content than most other varieties. The tall, 3 1/2-foot vines are wilt-resistant and need to be trellised. Peas are delicious fresh and may be frozen or canned. Production is continuous over a long season, but only a few pods at a time. Early and continuous..