Shell Pea: Maestro #144

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Net Wt. 1oz. (Approx. 150-180 Seeds)

NEW IN 2016. Our earliest shell pea, first early in the UAF vegetable trials in Fairbanks, AK. A Green Arrow type that bears heavy crops of 4-4½" pods, often in pairs, with 8-9 medium-sized, dark green peas per pod. Unmatched sweetness if picked before fully mature. It is easy to see which pods are ready to harvest because they tend to stick out on the plant. Maestro provides multiple pickings and bears over several weeks. Vines grow to 22 inches so when planted in double rows, so they can vine together, trellising is not needed.  Plants withstand mosaic virus, common wilt and powdery mildew. A great shell pea to grow in areas of Alaska with a shorter growing season.