Snap Peas: Sugar Snap #134

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Net Wt. 1 oz (Approx. 160 to 170 seeds)

All-America Selections Gold Medal Winner, 1979. The original snap pea, a new kind of pea in which the entire pod is eaten when the peas are fully mature considered by many to be "The Vegetable of the Century". The first pea where both the full sized peas and crisp, tender, edible pods are sweet and succulent. The thick, round, meaty 2½ to 3½ inch pods mature with 5 to 7 medium green peas borne on tall, open pollinated plants, up to 6 feet, that need to be trellised and mature late season in Alaska. The pods are delicious served fresh with a dip or as a steamed vegetable, used in stir fries or may be shelled so the peas can be used in traditional dishes. Snap peas, like old-fashioned green string beans, have a string running down the pod seam, which must be removed before eating. Also can be shelled and eaten like traditional peas. Late.