Book: Gardening From Seed in Arctic and Sub-arctic Areas

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Author: Reg Yaple
Paper cover, 148 pages.

A how to do it gardening guide written specifically for gardeners living in Arctic and Sub-arctic regions. A when, how and where to plant book for Alaskans. The publication explains the cultural differences between growing in Alaska and in warmer regions and how to cope with the differences. Discusses gardening practices used to grow in cold soils and during long days. The book has few illustrations but gives detailed instructions on growing herbaceous garden plants, herbs, flowers and vegetables, that can be successfully grown in the far north and mountainous regions. The book includes a list of varieties that have proven to grow well in Alaska. The author is an horticulturist that has spent nearly forty years researching, teaching and lecturing on how to successfully garden in Arctic and Sub-arctic climates. An excellent gift for any Alaskan gardener, beginner or expert.

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