Broccoli: Green King Hybrid #82

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Net Wt. 300 mg (Approx. 65 to 70 seeds)

NEW in 2013 A vigorous large headed hybrid that has scored high for its consistent yield of large, high-quality 8" thick, blue-green, domed heads with rather large beads. Exceptional tenderness made it a winner in a taste test when compared to 23 other varieties. Having been trialed a number of years it is has been found that Green King is one of the finest large headed broccoli varieties available. It matures very uniformly so all the heads will be ready to harvest at nearly the same time. After main head is cut it will produce market size side shoots but not many of them. If you liked Premium Crop when it was available try Green King. In Alaska to assure maturity of large headed broccoli varieties they should be transplanted in the garden as four to six week old transplants. Tolerant to downy mildew. Main Season Crop