Endive: Green Curled Ruffec, Salad Green #442

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1.5 g (Approx. 420 to 450 seeds)

A gourmet, open pollinated heirloom from the 1850s that is used as a salad green and found in mesclun mixes where it adds a sharper flavor. A 15 inch plant that grows flat along the ground with large, curled, deeply cut, dark green leaves that have a large tender crisp rib that blanches to a creamy white near the center and is about the same size as leaf lettuce. The heart of the plant can be blanched to creamy white. To blanch the heart, tie up outer leaves 2-3 weeks before harvest. Usually grown as a salad green and is considered a very wholesome vegetable, it may also be cooked and served with a sauce or grated cheese. Fine for summer and fall use. Resistant to cold weather. Very early plantings may produce seed stalks. Good fertility. plenty of water and cool days are the keys to mild flavored endive. A variety tested in Alaska by the University of Alaska Cooperative Extension.