Lettuce, Leaf: Oakleaf #522

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Net Wt. 1.5 g (approx. 950 to 960 seeds)

An easy to grow open pollinated American heirloom introduced by Vilmorin Seed Company in 1771. The plant is very ornamental and at one time it was also known as American Oak Leaved. A variety that thrives in cold weather producing tight rosettes of mild, medium dark green deeply lobed leaves that resemble Oak leaves. A long standing, upright plant that is still of fine quality in late summer and is free from bitterness over a long season. Plants can be harvested in 30 days or less as micro-greens. Good fertility, plenty of water and cool days are the keys to mild flavored leaf lettuce. Recommended by UAF Coop. Extension as an early variety with very nice quality, appearance and a good yield.