Squash, Zucchini: Golden Zucchini #393

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Net Wt. 3 g (Approx.28 to 30 seeds)

The delicious, crisp, glossy golden yellow, cylindrical fruits are produced on prolific compact bush plants, the only open-pollinated yellow zucchini available. Introduced in 1973 by W. Atlee Burpee bred from genetic material supplied by Dr. Oved Shifress from Rutgers University. It has a distinctive zucchini flavor but is a bit sweeter than the green varieties. Golden zucchini is not as prone to blossom end rot as the Early Prolific Straightneck summer squash and matures at about the same time or a little earlier than open pollinated green zucchini varieties but does not yield quite a heavy. Produces dazzling gold zucchinis that are best when harvested at 6 to 8 inches long. Apply plant food immediately after fruit forms to increase yields.