Specialty Varieties for Alaska

Our specialized varieties have been bred for particular characteristics which make them perform better in short season, cool climates.

Our outdoor tomato varieties were bred in Alaska and include, Sub-arctic 25, Polar Beauty, Polar Star and Early Tanana. They will set fruit when the night temperature is only in the mid-40s. Standard tomato varieties require night temperatures in the upper 50s and 60s to set fruit making them unproductive outdoors in Alaska because of the cool nights. Yukon Chief sweet corn was bred in Alaska and begins forming ears when the plant is only 2' tall so the ears will mature in the warmer interior areas. Many of the other varieties we offer that include the variety Provider Beans produce only a small plant so the plants do not waste the whole growing season producing large, lush vegetative tops that result in not setting fruit during Alaska's short season.

In warm climates, our varieties produce the prized first-of-the-season vegetables, producing beans, corn and tomatoes 2 to 3 weeks ahead of the traditional varieties.