Chinese Edible Podded: Dwarf Grey Sugar #51

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1.25 oz (Approx. 220 to 240 seeds)

An open pollinated Heirloom introduced in 1892 By D. M. Ferry Company. A variety that produces sweet, tender, fleshy, edible pods, 4 1/2 inches long by 3/4 inch wide earlier than standard pea varieties. Edible podded peas are of the best quality just before the tiny peas begin to swell. The flavor of garden fresh edible-podded peas is vastly superior to those found in the market as the sugar starts turning to starch almost immediately after being picking. The wonderfully flavored unshelled pods, which are stringless, brittle, and succulent, are a mainstay in any stir fry. Edible podded peas like cool weather and produce continuous yields of large flat pods until the first frost. This variety produces vigorous 28-inch vines that don't need trellising and produce a high yield of 2 pods per cluster. Peas thrive in the moist cool weather found in Alaska.