Gourmet Mesclun Salad Mix #632

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Net Wt. 2g (Approx. 930 to 940 seeds)  

A mix of flavorful, small, young open pollinated salad greens that originated in France. A healthy salad mix that has been very popular in Europe for a long time. These blends have become increasingly popular with gourmet chefs in the US and provide a real adventure in dining. A mixture that includes iceberg, romaine, butterhead and red leaf lettuces, spinach, mache, curly endive, radicchio, arugula and cress depending on availability of the seed. A mixture of salad greens that does best in AlaskaÂ’s cool weather, can be grown in a container, will be ready to start harvesting in just 40 to 50 days and provides fresh greens for several weeks.