Pumpkin: Small Sugar #93

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3g (Approx. 28 to 32 seeds)

An open pollinated heirloom pumpkin, a smaller and earlier cousin to Connecticut Field and first offered by Burpee Seed in 1887. The earliest maturing pumpkin in Alaska but still requires a soil warming technique to help mature fruits then grown outdoors. A variety that produces firm, fine textured, orange-yellow, sweet flesh that is excellent for pies. The 6 to 7 inch fruit weighs 5 to 8 pounds and makes a delightful, small, dark orange jack-o-lantern. To help assure maturity in Alaska seed must be started indoors 5 to 7 weeks before the last frost in individual plastic pots then after the last frost carefully transplanted to the garden to avoid root injury, roots injure easily. Matures outdoors in the garden only in the warmest areas of Alaska. The seeds may be roasted for a delicious snack. Late.