Tomato, Tropic #473, Greenhouse

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Net Wt. 150mg (Approx. 70 to 80seeds)

An open pollinated, indeterminate variety developed by the Univ. of Florida that has excellent versatility. It is almost certain to grow in almost any climate and suitable for greenhouse forcing. A very disease resistant variety that produces heavy yields of medium large 8 to 9 oz. thick-walled pink fruits that ripen to red with some green shoulders. Fruits tend to sit high on the vine under a protective cover of foliage which prevents sunburn. An excellent choice for greenhouse and hydroponic gardening because it will withstand the high heat often found in a greenhouse and a reliable producer under tough conditions. Fruits have a great old-fashioned sweet tomatoey flavor. This variety is a greenhouse variety in Alaska and must have a night temperature of at least 55 to 60 degrees to set fruit, be hand pollinated and requires a considerable amount of room to grow. A proven greenhouse variety in Alaska.